Blizzard- Glass Rhinestones
Blizzard- Glass Rhinestones
Blizzard- Glass Rhinestones

Blizzard- Glass Rhinestones

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 Opaque white, Glass rhinestones

This item is flat back, and is non-hotfix.

Each order includes 1440 stones


  • Material: glass

Because we receive our stones in bulk, they are measured into bags by hand, and are weighed to ensure count accuracy. The number of stones you receive is a very close approximation. Because Jelly stones are coated, it is possible they will wear over time.


What is a scatter mix?- This is a handcrafted mix in ranging sizes, ss6, 10, 12, 16, and ss20


What is a nail Art scatter mix?- this is a mix crafted by the manufacturer that will usually contain sizes ss3-20. Some mixes may include ss30. The majority of stones in a nail Art scatter mix will be on the smaller side, so this is why they are great for nail art and smaller areas such as name decals! Nail Art scatter mixes can range from 1,340- 1,440 stones.


Due to differences in monitors and devices, perceived color may vary. If you are questioning the true color of one of or stones, Please contact us prior to purchase to make sure we are providing you with the best color for your project. Please also be advised that due to differences in batch colors from the rhinestone manufacturer, there may be slight differentiation in color between sizes and/or orders.



Crafters Note! Transparent/ Semi Transparent Jelly Stones are best used on same color base, or white base, in order to ensure true color appearance. Coated and/or AB stones and pearls may wear over time.


Please visit us on Instagram @sweetrosecraftingsupplies where you can dm us any questions, and see videos of our products. We are always here to help!:)

Blizzard- Glass Rhinestones